Why is my nail not drying?

Make sure you have a lamp that works well and that you applied your polishes on dry and smoothed out nail.

Why do my nails feel sticky after I apply the top coat?

Don't forget to use a nail cleanser or rubbing alcohol to wipe off the sticky layer when you’re done! Or, try out our Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat, no wiping needed! 

Why does it look so thick on my nail?

Remember, painting skills are important. Before applying, make sure to shake up the bottle. Don’t let too much gel sit on the brush when pulling it out. The thinner and cleaner the layer, the better your nails will look. 2-3 thin layers can achieve the desired color. And remember; practice makes perfect! 

Why are my nails peeling/chipping?

You have to make sure to completely dehydrate your nail and make the surface dry and smooth before applying the By Mawci Gel Base Coat. Do not cure the nail too long under the lamp or else it will negatively affect the nails durability. Different brand base coats and top coats used with our brand may affect the end result, and we can only guarantee results when using the entire By Mawci system. Finally, make sure not to apply gel polish on your cuticle.